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Cherish Home Bed and Breakfast

Cherish Home B&B is an extension to the Cherish Home insurance policy. It is available to homes of up to 6 bedrooms with a maximum of 5 letting rooms.

For full details, please download both the Policy wording and the B&B extension.

If you'd also like an Indication of Premium for this policy, simply complete the following questions.

Please note that the premium shown will be an indicative cost only, and not the final premium.
A guaranteed quote can be given on request.

Cherish Home B&B Indication of Premium

STEP 1 - Client Details, Insured Property and Required Cover

Type of ClientPrivate Individual
Client Name
Client Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

If there are Joint Proposers, please give the
oldest Date of Birth.

Policy Start Date
Type of Property
Wall Construction
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Let Bedrooms
Property Ownership
Year of Construction
Personal Possessions

To have this cover you must take Contents.

Select the required level of cover, or choose "No" if this cover is not needed.