Second Home insurance

Cherish Second Home insurance provides uncompromising protection which is flexible enough to suit most UK properties. Flood Re cover is also available for qualifying properties at high risk of flood damage.

Tailored protection for holiday homes

Whether you have a weekend cottage in the country or a seaside holiday flat, Cherish Second Home will help you to protect the things that matter most.

It's also perfect for holiday rentals; if required, the provision for Paying Guests includes employer's liability, loss of hiring fees and alternative accommodation.

Main policy features (see policy wording for full cover)
Buildings insurance (optional)
Includes garages, outbuildings, perimeter fencing and swimming pools
£1 million
(option to increase)
Contents insurance (optional)£75,000
(option to increase)
Accidental damage included as standardSum insured
Paying Guests cover (optional)
- Loss of hiring charges20% sum insured
- Employer's liability£10 million
Paintings and works of art£15,000
New for old replacementSum insured
Alternative accommodation20% sum insured
Fire, flood, escape of water and oil1Sum insured
Subsidence, ground heave, landslipSum insured
Storm or floodSum insured
TheftSum insured
Emergency entrySum insured
Replacement locks£1,000
Frozen foodContents sum insured
Garden furniture, trees and plants£500
Contents in the open£1,000
24hr home emergency assistance and helpline£1,500
per call out
Family legal protection and 24hr helpline£50,000
Property owner's liability£5 million
Public liability£5 million
Liability to domestic staff£10 million
Excess amount per claim£100
Except: £500 escape of water and £1,000 subsidence
Up to 10yrs protected No Claims Discount (separate for buildings and contents)Up to 47% off

Individual limits, exclusions, excesses and conditions apply. See policy wording for full details.

Notable exclusions or limitations

Cherish Second Home insurance does not cover money, personal effects or valuables.

More exclusions are shown in the policy wording.

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Cherish Second Home insurance is suitable for most locations in the UK, with the majority of postcodes covered.

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  1. Additional conditions and increased excesses apply between October and March. Full details can be found in the policy wording.

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